Story Owner

Story Owner is responsible for a specific user story that’s going to be developed. Story lives as a card on a designated Trello Story Board.

He interacts with Work Board as well.

Those are the task Story Owner may want to perform.

Product list to Work Cards

Story Owner first breaks down the story cards into chunks by putting the list into the Story. After this is somehow done and run through with Developer, one usually wants to “transer” it to Work Board so it can be developed.

To help with this task, one can use this command:



bb t schedule-list [--owner="TrelloUserName" [--story-list="Checklist Name"] [--label="color"]

Takes a TODO checklist on a given Story Card. Converts the items into the Work Overview Cards.

Story list defaults to “To Do”, Owner (that the new work tasks are assigned to) defaults to you.

Clean sweep



bb t migrate-label --label="Product: Example" --board="1KsoiV9e" --board-to="lEL8Ch52" --column-to="Prepared buffer"

Get ready for next week


Create new columns on the Work Board: Deployed by <sunday> and Verified by <sunday>:

bb t next-week

Verify a story


Looks through a checklists on Story, see whether incomplete items refer to a card and whether the card is in Deployed by <sunday> and Verified by <sunday> column.

If so, ask to open them and then to verify them (meaning ticking the checkbox):

bb t verify